A mobile application for you and your patients

Modern technology applied to healthcare – send messages, share knowledge and prepare your patients for their appointments.



At Engaging Care we want healthcare providers to enjoy the benefits of modern communication technology. Therefore we offer you a secure cloud platform for patient communication and knowledge sharing, tools that are easy to implement and use. We meet the needs of organizations of all sizes with a flexible subscription pricing.


What does it mean for your clinic?

With a personal login through your computer, laptop or smartphone you can:

- Communicate with your patients with digital messaging.

- Share information and knowledge through a digital library, built on articles you have provided.

- Send out automated information to your patients and prepare them for their appointments.



What does it mean for your patients?

With the app downloaded on their smartphones your patients will:

- Be able to reach your clinic from their home, or anywhere else in the world, with secure digital messaging.

- Get customized information about their treatment.

- Be empowered and prepared for more efficient appointments.



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Use our online communication channel to reach your patients through secure and intuitive 2-way messaging or by broadcasting messages to wider patient groups.

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Centralize your collective knowledge and make it available 24/7. Increase awareness and patient satisfaction while reducing time spent on repetitive patient interactions.

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We value privacy and take security seriously. We offer secure login, complete data encryption and are GDPR compliant for a fully trusted platform service. 

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Avoid complex implementations and time consuming procurement with our adaptive cloud platform and transparent pricing.


In good company


Karolinska University Hospital


Skåne University Hospital


Lund University


Sahlgrenska University Hospital


“The Engaging Care app is a success story - the individual is encouraged to a higher degree of self management while we as a care team get a modern way to communicate with our patients.”

Annette Lennerling - RN, PhD, Dep of Transplantation, Sahlgrenska University Hospital


"The individual needs knowledge to feel independent and in charge of their own health. With this new technology the knowledge that I and other researchers develop can reach the individual directly - and be accessed whenever and wherever they are"

Anna Forsberg - Professor in transplant nursing. Dep. of Health Sciences at Lund University


In order to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, we must take assistance from technology to scale healthcare exponentially. Our mission is to provide superpowers to the healthcare heroes and bespoke care for the individual.
Charlotta Tönsgård - CEO & Co-Founder Engaging Care

Charlotta Tönsgård - CEO & Co-Founder Engaging Care