There is already enough resources for great health care to everyone, everywhere – the future is all about providing it where people are, through supporting them to take ownership of their own health. Welcome to the digital health revolution. Powered by patients.

Consulting Leader at TMT

“Digital healthcare is not about the technologies, it’s about new ways of solving healthcare problems, creating unique experiences for patients and accelerating healthcare providers’ growth.”

Mohammad Chowdhury

Contributor at Forbes

“I predict that someday, apps that help people manage illness and prevent long-term disease will no longer have a special name. They will just be another form of software on our phones.”

Elad Natanson

The Economist

“Investors hope for billion-dollar health-tech “unicorns”. Payers eye equally sizeable savings. Amid such talk it is worth remembering that the biggest winners from digital health care will be the patients who receive better treatment, and those who avoid becoming patients at all.”


Why engage patients?

So far, the industry has failed to deliver on the potential of digital information. Health care is over-regulated and expensive to innovate in, and has a history of failing to implement ambitious IT projects.

What health care really needs is to bringing together patients, providers and partners to be smarter and more connected. Our approach to healthcare is to catalyze new knowledge, evidence and solutions that will benefit people around the world.

In most industries, disruption comes from startups. Yet almost all health care innovation funded has been aimed at sustaining the industry’s business model rather than disrupting it. Billions of dollars has been poured into health care venture capital, where advances make traditional health care grow even more in the traditional way — and get more expensive.

Less than 1 % of those investments have focused on helping consumers to play a more active role in managing their own health. This is an area ripe for a disruptive approach.



What we do

With innovative strategies, we empower people to improve health and quality of life to a larger extent. We make our users represent the transformational development in healthcare – and for creating value for the whole healthcare chain.

Engaging Care provide long term solutions for the real challenge: providing health care to all people around the world. We will change businesses that rely heavily on physical facilities and staff. We will cut costs, rely on the user, and create a sustainable model for health care for all.