Our Vision

Let’s start building for a sustainable future.


The healthcare system is struggling under demographic changes and increased pressure from a wide range of chronic conditions. This spiral leads to ever increasing costs – but not necessarily an increase of life quality for the majority of users. Instead, it leads to bigger difference between the ones who have and the ones who have not, between the ones who can and the ones who cannot.

For the sake of the individual, but also for the long term prosperity of society in large, we need to completely re-evaluate our approach. This is not a matter of reducing access or provide substandard quality. On the contrary, all parties will reap the benefits from truly bespoke care. We will no longer rely on the expertise of the health care professional that happens to be be in front of us, but will have instant access to global best-in-class healthcare plans tailored to our needs and, perhaps even more importantly, to our ability. 

With Engaging Care we are committed to be enablers in this revolution. We are dedicated to be a responsible, humble and transparent force – but also a fearless and relentless one. To me personally, it feels like every decision I’ve made and every lesson I’ve learned through the ups and downs of the last decade, had the single purpose to prepare me for the journey that starts now. Endless work lies ahead, and there will be new lessons to learn, but I’m looking forward to every minute of it.

So here is what we need:
Shoulders to stand on. Supporters. Cheerleaders. Partners. Friends. Passionate people that wants to share our vision with us. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, engineer, designer, investor or something else – don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Charlotta Tönsgård
CEO and Co-Founder, Engaging Care AB