Three voices from the team


Charlotta Tönsgård – CEO

“We need to stop re-inventing the wheel. Instead of just adding things we need to redistribute resources and responsibilities, and start focusing on building long term value.
Healthcare providers are experts on providing patients with healthcare plans. But in most cases it’s the patient that needs to implement the plan. As with all behavioural changes, the individual need to be highly motivated to follow through. The process needs to be sticky and self-reinforcing in order to maintain interest. Patients need to be engaged.”

Annica Belfrage – CSO

“I started out in the pharma industry, and have always followed the development in pharmaceutical companies closely.  The most important trend I see is that the future of selling products is based on patient outcomes.
Pharma needs to design solutions that put the patient, rather than drug sales, at the centre of their strategy. If they just make pills, they are going to hit a wall trying to change patient behavior.”

Peter anderson –  cpo

With background in application and software development in the gaming industry, Peter’s focus is on engagement-first thinking.

“Digital health products need to be designed to drive engagement from the ground up. Focusing on an exciting technology or a massive need is not enough.